7 Tips To Deal With Isolation & COVID-19

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7 Tips To Deal With Isolation & COVID-19

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Self-isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic introduces new challenges, but along with these difficulties lies the possibility for new perspectives to emerge for yourself. The sooner we deal with the reality of the situation the better are the chances to have a healthier frame of mind to spot a potential opportunity and make the most of it

How do we deal with it?
1. Do what works for you. What works for the rest of the world, doesn’t necessarily need to work for you. It doesn’t have to be eating healthy or working out like there’s no tomorrow. It could be watching a fun tv show, scrolling through social media or binging on reminiscing movies or reading motivational blogs on life.


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2. If your schedules are going a little up and down, it’s alright. If your wake up times are a little later than usual it’s alright, if you get up later than you usually do and wake up with a heavy feeling, it’s time to tell yourself it’s alright.

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3. During times of stress, take a small nap. Get into your most comfortable blanket and take a small nap, take the time to stop thinking and just rest it out for a while. Times are going to be a little different when you get up.

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4. News can make you feel anxious and distressed. It’s okay to divide to keep away from the media for a while to ensure you can get back to thinking sanely and functioning with a lot less to think about.

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5. Find a hobby, something you’ve always wanted to do, but never had the time to do it. Approximately 20% of your time is spent in traveling in big cities especially, with that much more time at hand, one can start practicing their creative skills again, can start painting again, learn a music instrument or even start cooking their favourite cuisine. It helps keep the mind clear.

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6. Adopt a plant, in times when you can’t get out of your homes for a while, plants can actually add a lot of positivity to the space. Gardening is a very therapeutic activity and brings it closer to nature. It doesn’t need too much time but incentives your morale by showcasing growth.

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7. Explore a new genre of music. The digital world has gifted way to many things, discoverability being the most important of them all. From Jazz to hip-hop to reggae to Soft rock, everything is now available at your fingertips. Go exploring, you are bound to find a specific genre that connects with you.

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