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  • Three pieces of advice for dreamers in their early 20s

    Aug 20, 2020    0 shares

    The most important thing to remember in life is that your dreams don't just happen to you. It takes time and effort to make them come true. Your 20’s are possibly the most important and confusing decade of your life, but with the right direction and positive attitude many opportunities will open up for you. Try incorporating some of these key points in your life and embrace the changes it will bring.

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  • 5 points to remember when launching a new brand for the millennials of Today and Generation Z

    Aug 11, 2020    0 shares

    From sharing a lit promotion snap to Oh, snap! This brand got roasted. Things can derail in an instinct while dealing with the new internet generation. It's essential to understand how Genz and millennials function and then go ahead with promoting a brand. Below are the key points one should always keep in mind while launching a brand for today's hip audience.

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  • 7 Tips To Deal With Isolation & COVID-19

    Jun 19, 2020    3 shares

    Self-isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic introduces new challenges, but along with these difficulties lies the possibility for new perspectives to emerge for yourself. The sooner we deal with the reality of the situation the better are the chances to have a healthier frame of mind to spot a potential opportunity and make the most of it.

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  • Perspective Matters, an eye-opening experience.

    Jan 06, 2020    1 shares

    It’s my first solo leisure trip, I’ve taken many a few solo work trips but never taken a leisure trip, so I was as usual rushing to catch my flight and called for an Uber who arrived a little earlier than intimated and it added to the early afternoon hush.

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  • What leadership lessons can we learn from the general elections of India

    May 22, 2019    0 shares

    In retrospection, there's a lot to learn from the Lok Sabha elections 2019 in India, for managers and young leaders.

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  • Growth, one of the most abused words in communication today

    Mar 26, 2019    5 shares

    There's good growth and then there's bad growth. If you're just focussed on growth you'll end up taking hasty decisions to keep up your pace.

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  • Digital, the almighty ‘Sutradhaar’

    Feb 08, 2019    10 shares

    An insight into how Digital has evolved and become a network that binds and connects human beings together and how we can embrace digital both professionally and personally. Part 1 of a 3 part series

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  • Not-So-Common words of advice to Leaders

    Dec 06, 2018    16 shares

    While there is a lot of information on the internet about how to get successful and even more about survival tactics for people in important positions, there are these three things about running a business that really stand out. Here is a small learning about something that isn't spoken about as much as it should be. So here's a small note to self for 2018. If you like it, tell me. 

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  • The Right Business Partner is 50% of the Battle Won

    Dec 06, 2018    4 shares

    A startup for a founder is like his/her first baby, his/her first marriage and the founder’s current love affair. 

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  • Why I took the #SocialSanyaas and what it taught me

    Dec 06, 2018    5 shares

    We live in the times of content consumption. Never before in the history of human history have human beings been exposed to so much information in such less time. The way humans adapt to new information in today’s time and age of /excessive/ content consumption is a thought to ponder over.

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  • Thinking of starting up? 8 things that you need to know

    Dec 06, 2018    2 shares

    Having worked in the startup industry for more than 8 years and successfully running one for almost 4 years today, here's me trying to give back to the startup industry. 

    Here are 8 things that I have learnt the hard way one has to keep in mind and prepare him/her for when one decides to start up. Here goes:

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  • When do we stop?

    Dec 06, 2018    3 shares

    We have been taught to go on, to face it all. To move with the herd, to move faster, to be number one. That is what success has been measured on.

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  • Religion, is it worth it?

    Dec 06, 2018    3 shares

    Religion, is it worth it?

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  • Grow Big Grow Strong (Startup Motivation Guide)

    Dec 06, 2018    0 shares

    Lose it all.  
    Get hammered. 
    Keep falling. 
    Get up, every single time. 
    Face yourself.

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  • Just call her passionate

    Dec 06, 2018    1 shares

    She walked a million miles only to arrive where she had begun. Her sole is wrinkled, her eyes are sore. She still hasn't found what she was looking for and she still doesn't know what she had lost. But, she continues. Don't judge her, don't call her lost, just call her passionate.

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  • A society of rapists!

    Dec 06, 2018    0 shares

    I always wonder what is it that goes on in the mind of someone who can rape a girl child or a girl, what is it that he gains? Is it the power that one feels when he is lying on top of a someone who is physically weaker than him?

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  • AngadManchanda - New Instagram feed

    Dec 06, 2018    0 shares

    Just came across my new Instagram feed. Really neat stuff, I must say!

    Check it out here -

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  • Why we all owe Hari Chakyar Rs 500!

    Dec 06, 2018    0 shares

    Yes, we do owe Mr. Hari Chakyar Rs 500. It’s just that you don't know yet. Why? I'll tell you why in the next 3 points. 

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  • Happiness

    Dec 06, 2018    0 shares

    What is it, I ask, that makes you happy? 

    Is it the smile of a kid who hugs his dad? Is it the weather that makes you want to dance? Is it the glass which is full of beer? Is it the kiss you get from your dear?

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  • The Ferrari Millenio - Supercool Design

    Dec 06, 2018    0 shares

    Yeah, you heard me right. The Ferrari Millenio, the supercool design straight out of the Centurions cartoon. Yes, its that cool. 

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