Grow Big Grow Strong (Startup Motivation Guide)

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Grow Big Grow Strong (Startup Motivation Guide)

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Some rules to live by for the much-needed motivation to start a new business

Let go. 
Move away from comfort. 
Conquer your fears. 
Face the embarrassment. 
Take the step. 
Fail again. 
Go broke.
Lose it all.  
Get hammered. 
Keep falling. 
Get up, every single time. 
Face yourself. 
Run towards.  
Don't give in. 
Don't give up. 
Don't be afraid.
Never run away.  
Go BIG, that's your only option. 
Go BIG. Stand tall. Go strong. 
No regrets. Whatever you do, do BIG. 
Grow BIG grow STRONG, everyday. 

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