Why we all owe Hari Chakyar Rs 500!

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Why we all owe Hari Chakyar Rs 500!

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Yes, we do owe Mr. Hari Chakyar Rs 500. It’s just that you don't know yet. Why? I'll tell you why in the next 3 points. 

1 - Do you remember the time when you wasted paper? Do you remember the time when you were small and you used to love to sit around trees, sometimes even climb them, hang on their branches, play with the leaves on the ground, serve water to these green gentle giants. Do you? Well, happy realization but those days are gone, not because your childhood is gone but because the trees are replaced by buildings, bridges and more buildings. Did you stop them from taking your green friend away?  

2- Have you ever in the past decade gotten up from your lazy office chair, shut your laptop screen, walked towards the garden and planted a tree? Have you? No, you haven't, but you haven't stopped breathing the oxygen they provide us too, have you?

3- Ok, Since we have been perfect idiots all our life and have managed to rape nature in and out without even saying sorry, there is very less that we can do to make it up. But let's just start by being of small help to Mr. Hari Chakyar who is touring all of India to plant trees and spreading green-knowledge by donating Rs 500 for his cause. 

So here's more about his green-devours - photo. So now you know why you owe him, go ahead and get in touch with him on - 

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/35trees

Twitter - https://twitter.com/harichakyar / 

Phone number - +919930788801

Email – project35trees@gmail.com

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