When do we stop?

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When do we stop?

Dec 06, 2018    3 shares    0    0

We have been taught to go on, to face it all. To move with the herd, to move faster, to be number one. That is what success has been measured on. Success, as we know of it, is not in the millions you make or in the billions to leave behind. Success is in the smiles you create. Success is in the miles you would go to make someone smile.

Stop, I say. Stop and look beyond the regular, stop to play with some children, stop to call some friends. Stop, to have a look behind. Stop to think about why you lost contact with the people you cried for at one time. Stop, take a breather. Think, is this what it was all about? Is this the life you dreamt off? Stop, before it’s too late and you can’t look behind.


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