What leadership lessons can we learn from the general elections of India

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What leadership lessons can we learn from the general elections of India

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In retrospection, there's a lot to learn from the Lok Sabha elections 2019 in India, for managers and young leaders. Noting down a few observations that might make this an interesting quick read.


Managers and leaders can learn what not to be from this election and gain some entrepreneur motivation. What kind of leadership is divisive and what kind is healthy. In the shorter range telling your team members that they are different and getting to compete with each other might sound like a good idea but in the longer run, the team will definitely suffer as personal agenda only makes the teams weaker

1. Over politicization of any achievement will lead to internal conflict and raise an insecure environment, hence putting the culture of the team at stake

2. Leaders are good role models, unless you only start considering the leader as the end entity who will change the future. The team at any point which involves the junior most employees of the team and the senior most are responsible for the development of a company, even a nation. So credit to one individual and over-advertising the leader will almost create an illusion that isn't real

3. The smallest change one can make is a change in them. I’ve met a lot of people who are critical about the current happenings in the city and the country but haven’t been on the forefront when it comes to voting. Managers & leaders need to learn to practice what they preach and follow their own ideals. Opinion/criticism at the workplace without action for betterment is just preaching

4. Lastly, the most important thing the political scenario has taught me is how to deal with competition. During competitive times we’ve seen the leaders of all parties make mistakes, say things that are ‘Politically incorrect’ lead without empathy and behave only in self interest. This is the kind of leadership that is reactive and fearful, young leaders and managers 

There are observations from current trends and nothing is directed to a single political party. These views are personal and are observations that will help professionals acquire leadership skills to organizational success from real-life situations.

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