Three pieces of advice for dreamers in their early 20s

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Three pieces of advice for dreamers in their early 20s

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The most important thing to remember in life is that your dreams don't just happen to you. It takes time and effort to make them come true. Your 20’s are possibly the most important and confusing decade of your life, but with the right direction and positive attitude many opportunities will open up for you. Try incorporating some of these key points in your life, embrace the changes it will bring and get the much-needed motivation to start a new business.

  • There’s a lot of time to do all you want to do

You are the future that holds the strings together for everyone. Don’t be disgruntled with what you have not achieved, look at what you have done. Look at the amount of information you have, the dreams you can catch, the opportunities that have suddenly opened up. Don’t try to run so fast you forget you have a lot to wait for, things will happen. Keep your vision clean and pick up shorter goals for yourself. One step at a time to get to the top of your vision. Life is long and with your confidence in yourself and the access to information you have, you will be more than what you can imagine.

  • Don’t rate success by the dollar

Success is almost like an iPhone, you try hard and spend a lot of your hard worked money and strength to buy it till you realise that it’s just a phone and the next month you won’t be half as excited that you got it. You will want a new one; the one which costs double of what you spent and you will get there too. When you put in a lot to get to somewhere ensure that a lot of people are going there with you, like how you’d remember climbing the highest peak in the country with your 15 member crew. Success is when you reach a place together and remember the journey when you reach there. Don’t burden yourself with the idea of making more money = Success. Money is a necessity to survive and to pay for your Desires, it has nothing to do with success. You could have all the money in the world but the satisfaction of doing something that you are proud of is incomparable to the high of making money.

  • Do more

The more you do, the more you learn, the more you learn the more you can do. It’s simple; when I started my career I was doing everything that came my way, I never said no. I sat through the nights, I sat through the countless hours of grinding, I walked into meetings I had no idea what to expect in, I designed when I didn’t know the D of Design and I worked hard to fuel my curiosity. My curiosity was my driver, my driver ensured I failed, multiple times, but I didn’t give up, got yelled at, Did it again and did it better than last time till I became good at it. In the last decade I have done every single thing, someone said I couldn’t do. Do more than you can imagine yourself doing, if you are a Designer learn Excel, if you are an accountant learn how to write poetry. Nothing you ever learn will go waste. Don’t sit through life, learn through it. 

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