The Infinite Comfort Circle and how does one master it.

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The Infinite Comfort Circle and how does one master it.

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When I was in college I read this cliched brand campaign line called, ‘Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai’ (reads as- there’s victory after you overcome fear) little did I know that over the years I would become a fan of the ideology and actually start practicing it in real life which becomes best business motivation for me!

As and when one grows one comes to understand the importance of the comfort circle, how much it matters, in our day-to-day functionality and what it means for our growth. Our comfort circle first starts defining us in our youth, and then we realize the importance of breaking away from the comfort to find our true selves. This is the journey that people call ‘growing up’ and ‘getting serious’ in life. But what we do not speak about is how every single day of our professional lives we need to keep on extending our comfort circles. Keep moving into newer circles of skills, colleagues, friends, and learnings, to be able to find new motives, experience newer emotions, and find newer passions. 

This is what I call the ‘Infinite Comfort Circle’, if you can learn to unlearn and keep growing your skills by getting into things that make you uncomfortable you have truly achieved what I like to call, ‘A Healthy Professional Life Cycle.’  

And yes, that discomfort is growth.

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