The Ferrari Millenio - Supercool Design

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The Ferrari Millenio - Supercool Design

Dec 06, 2018    0 shares    0    0

Yeah, you heard me right. The Ferrari Millenio, the supercool design straight out of the Centurions cartoon. Yes, its that cool. All I can say is that once, if this piece of art is on the road, respect is what it shall get. And, above that it's eco friendly. It runs on an electronic engine which runs on a solar array. And no you can drive it at night without having to connect it to a charger, it charges via inductive power.

Also the material of the car is called 'Buckypaper' which is lighter than carbon fibre and stronger than steal. I'm guessing this piece will be worth atleast a couple of million dollars, but imagine no fuel costs. This is one Ferrari I would like to own. 

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