Starting Up 8 Things That You Need To Know

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Starting Up 8 Things That You Need To Know

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These 8 things listed below are just perfect to give you the motivation to start a new business
1. Be Present
Be there, be the last one out. Be the first one in. Be present. Eat with your team, drink with them.
Let your filters away. Be you, be present for them.  
2. Divide and Rule
The first thing we learnt while starting up was to divide tasks and responsibilities.       
Always have clear responsibilities with your co-founders.
3. Be on top of everything
Things do not happen as per the thoughts in your head, if you really like things the way you do, worry about losing control.
Be watchful and ensure that in the first few years you are hands-on with the functionality and the process.
4. People before Projects
When thinking about a bad client who pays well and a good employee, let the bad client go.      
Don’t worry about the loss, with the people you can win more clients, with a bad client you will never win better people.
5. Take care of Yourself
Entrepreneurship has a downside. When drowning in the passion of doing more one tends to ignore the health and that never ends well.
Find time for yourself. Your company is as healthy as you are.
6. Trust your team's decisions
You might always not get what you want in your journey towards being a successful entrepreneur but you might get an outsider’s (outside your head) opinion on things.
7. Be ready to make mistakes
Mistakes make us who we are. Don’t fear fucking up on things.
The best learnings come from experiences, experiencing the downfall of knowing what it feels like to rise.
8. Make your own formula for success (Here's mine).
Be confident about your product and what you are willing to offer. Be humble and take 
Best of luck mate, let me know how it goes and if you'd like some help on the way.



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