Perspective Matters

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Perspective Matters

Jan 06, 2021    3 shares    1    0

Every now and then we come across opinions of everyone who have decided how certain things are. These pre-decided notions give rise to more notions that we are expected to follow. Every time we follow the crowd, we miss out on something original, something more focussed on you, something individualistic.

So here’s me writing a small motivational blog on life about perspectives and how you are a result of your perspective and how it’s important to break modules to create better stories that emerge from originality. The originality that we as individuals bring to the world.


In madness there's sanity

In meaningless there's meaning

In darkness there's light

In Isolation there's introspection

In idleness there is space for ideas

In hustle there's peace

In conflicts there is passion

In motives there is need.

In need there's desperation

In desperation there's drive.

In everything crazy there’s motive to lose oneself.

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