Not-So-Common words of advice to Leaders

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Not-So-Common words of advice to Leaders

Dec 06, 2018    16 shares    19    0

While there is a lot of information on the internet about how to get successful and even more about survival tactics for people in important positions, there are these three things about running a business that really stand out. Here is a small learning about something that isn't spoken about as much as it should be. So here's a small note to self for 2018. If you like it, tell me. 

A sense of humour - if you really want to reach the top of the corp-chain then ensure you have fun while you are doing it. Laugh a little, smile often and make sure you don't miss out an opportunity to entertain yourself. It's important to keep yourself and your team entertained when you have massive dreams and even crazier ideas. Keep your vision clear and your actions just, people will love to work with someone who is a pleasant personality.

Take it easy - you will miss a deadline somedays, you will fail sometimes,  will not feel like working some days, you will not always make good profit, some plans will not work out as per the plan. It's okay, you got to be strong and believe that you are bigger than this issue and you will get through. And trust me you always will get through. So relax a little, don't over work yourself up and don't start a trend that people follow and it's not a walk down a healthy Street. If you have a plan and a motivated team you all work towards common goals, nothing can stop you if you don't stop, anyways. 

EQ over IQ - If reading 35 articles a day made one intelligent then we already have reached the peak of our IQ. It's what we do with that information that makes us better human beings. Emotions however are under rated, there is too much slander of how much does one know, where as the question to be asked should be 'Will the individual be able to manage the situation if it turns upside down'. In my case meditation is a way to ensure you can focus more on how to behave when things aren't going as per plan rather than getting disheartened when that happens. It's almost like a relationship, if you expect too much and don't get the same out if you're not going to be happy. So, like one should have handled a relation, say what you want and be happy with the result, always. 

These thoughts are mine and have worked for me till date. If you think they can add value to your life then do share or comment below.  

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