How To Build A Great Brand In 2023

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How To Build A Great Brand In 2023

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2022 was all about interaction. 2023 is going to be about listening to your audience.

• Listen to your audience - 2023 is what I would like to call the year of listening. The target audience has never been so intelligent and it’s only growing smarter. Stop thinking like a CEO and start thinking like a consumer. It’s not that difficult but takes a lot of research to get to know what the consumer really wants.

• Don’t under-estimate the consumer - The world has never consumed more content and information. The consumer knows the cost of services and has already analysed the quality difference between the brands. They have compared online and decided whether they want to invest in your brand and service, respect that. Give them more than what they pay for and they will forever be loyal.

• Constantly innovate - when you constantly innovate your product and keep pushing your brand, consumers appreciate it. The new Apple Watch comes with a titanium case that looks great and feels even better, I never knew I needed that in my life, but now I do. How else do I explain this better?

• Push the boundaries - when you portray your brand or service as an extension of a user's personality, you can do wonders. Push the boundaries of the individual's limitations. As a brand you can show the consumer how much more they can do with the product. Let’s assume you own an off-road tyre company, a championship to cross impossible terrain with free tyres as a starter would be a great way to introduce your products capabilities to a new and serious audience.

• Invest in your product - don’t try to cut corners in your products manufacturing and procurement. If you’re looking at making the cut in an extremely competitive environment there’s no second option to quality. Use your products, get your teams to use it, keep improving your product by investing more on R&D and keep experimenting.

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