Digital, the almighty ‘Sutradhaar’, or AKA, The puppeteer.

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Digital, the almighty ‘Sutradhaar’, or AKA, The puppeteer.

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We’ve all heard theories about how all human beings are connected to each other by this omnipresent network that makes things happen. How one story is connected to the other and how we are all part of a master plan. That network has been overhauled, and we now know it as the digital universe.

Yes, we are all connected. Now, with technology. The digital ecosystem is to humans what the animal instinct is to animals, we search before we think, we charge before we breathe, we check before we think and we follow a stranger blindly.

As Deloitte Digital likes to call it, digital is ‘Woven into the fabric of everyday living’. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s Affordable, Available & Aspirational. Almost like saying these are the Three A’s of Digital. Digital over the last 10 years exploded and has become the strings that are going to hold together the human race, towards the next few decades.

The next few pointers are meant for organizations and individuals to consider while creating the strategies to grow your business with digital marketing. Both of these will be released in the next week as full-fledged blogs and will have a lot of dope on how to go about executing the same.

How should organizations grow with digital?

  • Embrace change
  • Accept mistakes
  • Collaborate, don’t just hire
  • Don’t just create content, market it
  • Identify advocates, internal & external
  • Experimentation is hygiene
  • Data is not just oil, it’s god
  • Apples & oranges don’t think alike 
  • Think Global, Act Local 

How should individuals look at growing with digital?

  • You are a brand
  • Stand for something
  • Audio is Serious Business
  • Don’t just consume, embrace
  • First, not perfect
  • Focused research is key
  • Lot less me, more we
  • Multi-potential is the new specialization
  • Small steps but Strong steps
  • Consistency, till you get successful
  • Predict and evolve, there’s no right formula 

Everything we know and care of has changed over the last 10 years, whether it is sports, entertainment or Politics. Your clients, your partners, your employees, and your competition, they have all adopted Digital. It’s not here to stay; it’s here to change; the way we have been living. I have changed, consumption has changed and so have creators.

‘’Following trends is not a trend anymore, building your individuality and embracing it is the new trend.’’

You look at a video on social media and you share it because it’s unique, it’s something you haven’t seen before. If you want to make digital work for you, be who you are as a brand, or an individual or a professional.

Digital, the almighty Sutradhaar, has always been in your control.

If you like what you read, share it, if you don’t agree do comment, I’d love to receive some feedback. :)


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