A society of rapists!

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A society of rapists!

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I always wonder what is it that goes on in the mind of someone who can rape a girl child or a girl, what is it that he gains? Is it the power that one feels when he is lying on top of a someone who is physically weaker than him? Is it the screams which sound to him like cheers for his masculinity? Let alone the pleasure one could get from hurting someone to such extents that the poor girl / lady has to die after the ordeal, if facing the wrath of this blood and sex thirsty predator was not enough. Is it justified that people like me sit in the comfort of their homes while a poor soul fights for her life after a monster shoves a bottle into her? 

Today, I feel ashamed of being called a man. The masculinity of men in India has completely been mis-represented and there is nothing much one can do about it. It is the time to go violent, it is the time to have zero tolerance to even what seems to be like a start to a sexist conversation, it is a time to realize that this is the society we are creating for our wives and daughters. I pledge that I will slap the next motherfuc*$er who mis-treats a lady/girl/woman anywhere. I will not hold back to what might happen after that because that lady who is being harassed today, could be raped tomorrow if no-one gets up and tells the guy he is doing something wrong. I'm sorry but for me, candle light marches make good newspaper covers and nothing else. It is time to take things into our own hands.

Abide for the law I want to, but not at the cost of poor souls which could have stopped if we took the right step at the beginning of this epidemic.


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